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 A snap shot of the construction works from an OS map dated 1920. Near Arlescote Lane Bridge The wooden huts for the construction gang areshown.  A passing loop is shown to the  south/high side of the bridge. This is not what was used on the working incline. The map shows embankments and a section of cutting into the escarpment. It is difficult to reconcile the apparent small length of cutting providing enough spoil to form the embankments.     Next Map

three rail
The passing loop below Arlescote Bridge.

This shows the three rail section above Arlescote Bridge, whereas the OS map shows a passing loop.

Was the cutting in the escarpment at 63 ft deep dug like this, by hand? Could the steam shovel have dug this? Probably not. If so then this cutting may be the last/deepest cutting dug by hand. on a standard gauge railway.


Could horse drawn wagons have coped  with the slope of track?  Two tracks are shown here.