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Photo taken before  CAD Kineton Camp was built in 1942. Nice photo with Warwickshire Elms on display. 

Looking back towards bridge on A41. Probably taken before war. CAD Kineton would have been built across the track. Note Chimney on RHS, from engine room for the Burton Dassett Aerial Ropeway. 

Photo taken 1953 with security boundary to CAD Kineton obliterating the line to Edge Hill. Difficult to relate this photo to first photo.

Taken before the war.

junc peep.
A glimpse of the turn off to Edge Hill.  It was no distance to turn off. Note buttresses against wing wall to bridge.

layout rolt
From Rolt's Book of the Unfortunate Railway. Very useful.


Sidings each side of the bridge over the A41.  The chimney is plotted. Note: A turntable is shown on the LHS in the EHLR sidings. 

stephens plan
This is Stephen's proposal for the junction with the SMJ Railway. Note site for generating station. What for? Map before WW1.   

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