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The lower or reception sidings taken from about the foot of the incline. Note the tangle of rails, points and cable. Just visible are the two vertical handles to change the points. What would have been on the white signs? Two lonely Terriers. Locomotive No. 1 "Deptford"  on right and No. 2 "Shadwell" on left. 

The map of the sidings. Photograph above taken from the arrow. A good plan taken from Tonks' book. 

Incline on the right with track lost in weeds. Remains of a sleeper platform in the middle.

Lower sidings in a bit of a mess.

Water was obtained from a spring filled reservoir. There apparently were no coal stocks on site. Locomotive No1 has a full bin of coal.  

A good view of the track. Notice how the rails have sunk under the weight of locomotive No 2.

A summer photograph with elms in full leaf. There appears to be a level section of the track towards the base of the incline.

This looks like it was taken at the same time as the first photograph. Note roller on right.  The lines man hut on the left, with telephone communication to the top of the incline.

The flat section of track shows up clearly. The photographer must have been standing on the down grade of  1:264 of this part of the siding.

A good view of the sleeper platform. What was this used for? 

A very clear photograph  of  the end of the cable. What was the steel plate for? Was the cable nipped at this point? 

The other side of the above photograph. What were the two white rods for?

A very clear photograph but what of?  What is that structure in the bank, and the objects in front of it? A built of builder's debris laying about.
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