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Brakevan No 1.  On the line down to the SMJ Junction. Its original place was behind Terrier No1. I guess  Ratley youths uncoupled it and pushed it down the slope for fun.

Nice sharp signs on Brakevan No 2. Tipper truck looks in good condition. Were these side tippers?

Truck just pushed over. All a bit of a mess.
Gradual deterioration or Ratley Youth assisted deterioration?

Looks like 6 trucks here.

Good view of trucks. Not very big.

Newspaper photograph with good view of truck. Nice wheels.
Taken in Upper Sidings.

This wreck doesn't look as if it came from the EHLR site. It's just a flat bottomed truck.

Sankey and rolling stock.

10 ton water tank. This must have done journeys up and down the incline to fill up. What about coal for Sankey?

View of Upper Sidings. Nadbury Iron Age Fort is on the right. The hedge and tree line on the horizon is Camp Lane.The Nadbury spur  was to route from about where the photo was taken over to Camp Lane across the field in front of the hay stack. The field is a lot lower than these tracks. The Nadbury spur route was set out and fenced off, as can by the bushes growing up. The field has been returned to the farmer. 

Steam excavator. Remains of narrow gauge trucks. The structure on the left was probably covered with planks to allow the overburden to be removed and taken to the Nadbury Spur. This area must have had standard gauge track to service the excavator.

This must have needed a lot of coal and water to keep it going.
Also operator and fireman.

Built from remains on site. 2 ft gauge.

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