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Holman Fred Stephens. AMICE.
The Edge Hill Light Railway was his work.
 More information about him can be found here.

A Military Man

 Stephens died age 66 in the Lord Warden Hotel, Dover, where he was resident.
                                He never married and had no heirs.
              He left his estate of 30,000 (equivalent to about 1.4 million today.)


The Colonel Stephens Society pay tribute to the Colonel to mark the 75th anniversary of his death at his  grave in  Brompton Cemetery West London

This visitor  could be Edgar Ferguson. He looks 74 years old. 

Is that a beard?

Edgar Ferguson was involved in an accident on the Railway. Report dated 19 October 1922.

Sad end to a worthy life.
He was buried in Hither Green Cemetery, Lee, close to where he was born.
Lee is in South East London, near Peckham.

Hither Green Cemetery. Grave 494 in Plot H.
The Plot was/is owned by his wife Amy.They lived with their daughter Joan
in 66 Holland Park West London, not far from Brompton Cemetery.

This is the grave of Edgar Ferguson. Just a few stone kerbs. No inscriptions. No visitors?

Edgar Ferguson was hit by the wagon on one of the kips, situated in the Parish of Ratley.
The occupant of the grave on the left is named Ratley.
A bit spooky?

His family home.
66 Holland Park, Notting Hill, West London.

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