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First notification in a local Banbury paper about the Ironstone deposits at Edge Hill.
German Prisoners of war to be used.
Date. 5 April 1917.

27 August 1917. Local Press reporting on the proposal for a Light Railway in Edge Hill. Also some war news.

20 September 1917. A nearby village Parish Council was in favour of the scheme.

4 October 1917. Details of the scheme in a local paper.

 An  Inquiry in Banbury was held because a lot of local land owners were not happy about the scheme.
The scheme was reduced to not affect their lands.

22 November 1917.

Official Order submitted for Approval to the Light Railway Commissioners. July 1918

Authority to go-ahead 31 January 1919.

3 July 1919. Interesting snippet about accommodation.
50 employees anticipated.
Twenty cottages were not built.


10 June 1920. Complaints about compensation for disturbance. 

23 September 1920. Compensation Awards

5 August 1926. Some criminal activity on site.

1926 May 29.  Oh dear!

25 October 1928. AGM for the Railway.
 Note address of C.B. Piggot. He lived in the Huts.


26 October 1940

26 October 1940. Warwickshire's "Ghost" Railway. War time report.

13 January 1941. Complaint about scrap.

24 September 1942

24 September 1942. Good Photographs

25 November 1957
The End

25 November 1957
The End

1 October 1966. Rails were still visible on site, well after the general view that all had been scrapped in 1950.
Upper Sidings looking towards Ratley.

8 October 1966. Some say that Bird's of Stratford  dealt with the scrap rails. 


3 January 1976. Still in the news. The cutting is still there but is a forest.
The End

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