The Edge Hill Light Railway
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This is a set of Plans and Sections of the proposed route for the Railway. These were produced in accordance with the Light Railways Act, 1896 & 1912, and were part of the Conveyancing  Documents that were needed  when the Edge Hill Light Railway Company acquired the land over which the railway was laid.    

This map shows in red the route of the proposed railway. The railway was divided into 6 sections. The original map is not very clear either. 

This plan shows the route from its start on the SMJR at the top (red) to the three terminus points near Nadbury Camp, Hornton and Shenington. The iron stone railways north of Banbury can be seen. EH O is Edge Hill.  

Another map showing the destinations of the unbuilt sections.


This OS map shows the location of the railway relative to Banbury. 0 is Edge Hill.


* to * is the route of the railway as built. CAD is Central Ammunition Dump which was built about 1942 over Marlborough and Owlington Farms. Note rare spelling mistake on the map: Purton not Burton. 


A good map showing the route as built. The interesting bits are in the middle. Note that one branch line was to be taken to Nadbury Camp, our Iron Age Hill Fort. It was to be quarried away. 


This aerial photograph covers the same area as the map above. The Army Camp has obliterated just about all of the EHLR route on its land


This aerial photograph shows where there are  remains of the railway on the ground, such as embankments, walls and cuttings. Trees are growing well on the old railway route. 

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